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My name is Andrea Thompson and I am A Person - Centred Counsellor and work across London. I follow the BACP guidelines for good practice, which are available on their website


You can find my entry in the Directory of Counsellors.


I have an abc Level 4 Diploma in the theory and practice of counselling. I have worked for a number of counselling services offering support to a diverse range of clients.

"Counselling has helped me to get everything into perspective and to live in the moment, which has made me so much happier" 

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“When I first decided counselling may be able to see me through a very difficult time in my life, I had no idea how much it would help. I had never tried it before so was initially very nervous. Andrea was gentle, warm and understanding from the start. This helped me to relax and very quickly I began to trust her. Together we worked through my problems and the whole time I felt safe. I would strongly recommend counselling with Andrea, my life is less complicated now and I feel free for the first time in years..." 

Before having my sessions with Andrea Thompson I was in a very dark place and felt extremely low.

However, through the clarity and understanding I received I am now in a much better place. She has a very caring and warm approach and has given me the help I needed to grow into the confident person I am today.

I really appreciate all her help and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much Andrea you helped me get my life back!

I work quite long hours, mostly sitting in front of a computer (not always in good position). Andrea’s massage is a remedy for my back pain and stress. I have met Andrea a few years ago and since then I visit her regularly on weekly or fortnightly bases, as the time allows.


Our sessions are one of my favorite indulgences, and a necessity in my de-stress routine. Andrea is very professional, caters to the client's needs, provides a very  relaxing environment and delivers an amazing massage.


My sessions with Andrea are relaxing and therapeutic, with the added benefit of pleasant conversation or relaxed silence, depending on my needs at the particular time. Andrea is always accommodating and what’s important she is able to use deep pressure on the areas that need it. Definitely worth trying!